Soy candles suck

For the wedding, the venue we’re using requires us to use soy candles as to not discolor the venue’s thatch ceiling with soot. The problem is that soy candles are harder to come by than regular candles. The old “supply and demand” concept thus tells us that they are more expensive than regular candles. None of this is a particular problem until you add Benjamin into the picture ;)

Before knowing our candle limitations, Benjamin had already designed the centerpieces for each of the 13 tables. Each centerpiece has 3 round pillar candles all unscented. One was 3×6 and colored either a dark green or dark burgandy color. The other two were 3×1.5 and white. After discovering our waxy prediciment we had to go back to the drawing board. Apparently soy wax does not hold the dye as strongly as paraffin so you end up with pastel colors rather than the dark colors. Furthermore, all non-white soy candles that we are able to locate are scented which would probably kill all of our guests to have 13 of them burning for 3 hours. So now we’ve decided to stick with all white candles. Now comes the supply & demand issue. Despite intensive Googling, we’ve only found a hand-full of places that have soy pillar candles. All kinds of people have soy container candles but few of them have pillars. Luckily there are a couple of them that do have our white unscented round soy pillar candles in some acceptable heights (3×9, 3×6, 3×3 — notice how those changed too) all for the low, low price of $30 a set. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, that’s $30 per table for just the candles. A quick calculation yields $390 before tax and shipping.

Benjamin has a todo item tomorrow to call the place and see what the availability would be for thirteen 3-candle sets. At this point, I’m willing to pay the money to save poor Benjamin the mental anguish of having to create another centerpiece idea.

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