The Job – Closure

Last week a gentleman from the ISST group called me for a technical interview. After finding out that I was the performance lead on the product, he quickly informed me that he would not be asking me any technical questions because I obviously knew the product at least as well as he did. Late Thursday afternoon I received a phone call and email offering me the job.

Friday morning I emailed them back and requested to think about it over the weekend and let them know. About an hour later my manager called to let me know she would be out for the day but that we should get together on Monday to discuss when my availability date was for the new job, assuming I accepted it. She also let me know that my current management team was trying to locate “moving compensation” for me in an attempt to keep me within their group. How they thought this helps is a little round-about. My manager was under the impression that I was interested in the new job primarily to allow Benjamin and I to move to another, more “family friendly” state. With this in mind my management team was trying to see if they could locate funds to assist me in moving to another state while keeping me within their organization.

Given what Benjamin and I want to do (ie: live in various cities/states for a while and see how we like them) the moving compensation wouldn’t have really helped, however it helped me realize just how much they wanted to keep me. I asked jonobie out to lunch to help me filter out some thoughts on the various options. Before we went to lunch there were two basic choices:

  1. Decline the job: maintain status quo
  2. Accept the job: travel all over the US

While at lunch Jonobie came up with another option entirely – a truly “thinking outside the box” option. I present you, option 3:

  1. Decline the job: become a mobile employee keeping my current position but working outside of Austin

Being a mobile employee would allow me to live in different locations and keep my current job that I really enjoy. Granted it would not come with the “signing bonus” or the higher bonus potential but I consider that very acceptable if I could spend more time with Benjamin and less time in a hotel room. I decided to run this past management.

Seeing as my manager was out of the office for the day I contacted my 2nd line manager and set up an impromptu meeting later that afternoon. In the meeting I explained what I was wanting to do and my timeframe for doing so. He saw no reason why making me a mobile employee would not be possible. He was quick to mention that nothing is guaranteed but said that many people in the Security organization want me to stay within Security and that if making me a mobile employee would make that happen that they would do their best to make it work. I left for the weekend to ponder the three options and discuss them with Benjamin.

After discussing the options we agreed that option 3 was the clear choice pending two important items that needed to be confirmed.

  • Danny in Colorado would be ok with the new plan and setting aside an office for me to work from
  • My manager (who has been in the Security organization longer than my 2nd line) would validate that the organization is truly amenable to having mobile employees

We were able to validate those two items on Sunday and Monday respectively so early Monday afternoon I declined the new job offer.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

11 thoughts on “The Job – Closure”

    1. Probably mid to late 2007…

      I figure by the middle of 2007 you and Jonobie might have a house that could accommodate a couple of guests for a few weeks. Look for us then :)


      1. Re: Probably mid to late 2007…

        You either haven’t looked at the Seattle prices recently, or have a huge amount of faith in my or Jeff’s raise potential… *grin*

        Actually, I read in the paper that the housing market is starting to go soft. So maybe houses there will be affordable soon!


  1. Going mobile was sometihng I was considering, too, I’m surprised you hadn’t considered it yet. :)

    I’m on the verge of dismissing mobile as an option, though, for a couple of reasons: (a) I don’t think in my current organization that mobile employees are as ripe for promotion and advancement (i.e. it’s unlikely that I could become STSM, ever, but in my current path I think I could do it within, say, 10 years), and (b) I personally think I would miss personal interaction with co-workers.


  2. hurray!

    It’s so exciting to see that you have found a solution! You’re getting the best of all worlds, it seems. At what point will the “mobile” option begin? How long do you expect that to take?


    1. Re: hurray!

      Benjamin and I aren’t looking to start being “mobile” until around 2007. He is in line for some great things at his work and we want to see where that takes him. We expect to have a better idea around late 2006, early 2007. Since our start time is so far out, we haven’t given a lot of thought to how long we’ll be mobile (and where all we’d be during that time) although the plan is for at least 6 months in Denver. In short, we’re not in a hurry :)


  3. Yea!

    I’m glad that you have a decision in hand so that you don’t have to live in a world of uncertainty (at least for this topic). I also have to admit that I’m glad you won’t be traveling as much by going mobile since you and Benjamin will be able to be together more. Congratulations!


  4. Hey you

    So does this mean that eventually you will be in Colorado or? Just curious. You know I would support whatever you and Benjamin wanted to do.
    The other signer =) (Hugs, T)


  5. mobile -> raleigh

    I also struggled with whether to pursue the ISST positions or not. Anyway, forget being mobile, just emigrate to Raleigh and get it over with.


  6. Wow! Sounds both busy and fun! (Random aside: Mazda pronounced that way sounds totally weird to me, too!)

    How was the whole air travel thing?


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