Bumper stickers…

I freely admit to having an irrational massive hatred towards our current President. Heck, I’ve been counting down the days since his second inauguration.

I am even sad enough to transfer this distaste to cars and trucks with pro-Bush bumper stickers (“It’s not my fault you’re in a left-turn-only lane ’cause you can’t read freak’n street signs. That’s what you get you sheep, you’re not cutting in!”) and amusingly grant ‘freebies’ to cars and trucks with anti-Bush bumper stickers (“Well, we can’t all know this crazy Mopac + Braker intersection, come on over”). The same holds true for anti-gay marriage stickers (bad) and pro-gay marriage/HRC stickers (good).

This morning I realized that I need to take a much closer look at the stickers than I apparently have been before. While driving into work this morning I encountered a car with a sticker that at first glance looks just like a Bush/Cheney campaign sticker until you look closer and realize that the ‘campaign date’ isn’t ’04 but 1984. Love it, but a bit too subtle for my taste.