Bumper stickers…

I freely admit to having an irrational massive hatred towards our current President. Heck, I’ve been counting down the days since his second inauguration.

I am even sad enough to transfer this distaste to cars and trucks with pro-Bush bumper stickers (“It’s not my fault you’re in a left-turn-only lane ’cause you can’t read freak’n street signs. That’s what you get you sheep, you’re not cutting in!”) and amusingly grant ‘freebies’ to cars and trucks with anti-Bush bumper stickers (“Well, we can’t all know this crazy Mopac + Braker intersection, come on over”). The same holds true for anti-gay marriage stickers (bad) and pro-gay marriage/HRC stickers (good).

This morning I realized that I need to take a much closer look at the stickers than I apparently have been before. While driving into work this morning I encountered a car with a sticker that at first glance looks just like a Bush/Cheney campaign sticker until you look closer and realize that the ‘campaign date’ isn’t ’04 but 1984. Love it, but a bit too subtle for my taste.

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5 thoughts on “Bumper stickers…”

  1. I’ve seen that one, too. It definitely defies my “too easy to misread” rule of bumper stickers.

    I saw an anti-gay-marriage sticker yesterday that really annoyed me. It was something like “Marriage = + ” (international restroom symbols, that is), with a symbol for a child in between. It’s not only suggesting that marriage is a man and a woman, but that we must all do our part to create babies, otherwise it’s not really a marriage. Oh, and it was white on black, so obviously marriage is defined as a white man, white woman and a white child.


  2. Good sticker! And at the rate things have been going (Patriot Act et al), it kind of seems that way. Kind of “OMG, think of the children and pass this bill! If you don’t pass it, you’re against children!” or “You’re either with us on this bill which violates all of your consitutional rights, or you’re with the terrorists.”

    I hate that intersection, but it isn’t as bad as Parmer and I-35 where cars on the far right try to cut in on the turn lane to the far left.


    1. Re: Picture

      Actually, that wasn’t the one. I tried googling for the exact sticker for the original post but couldn’t find one. The one I saw was much more subtle. It was closer to this one:

      But obviously with 1984 instead of ’04.


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