Benjamin’s first day as a manager

Today is Benjamin’s first official day as a Customer Service Manager (CSM) for Compass Bank. His boss (the previous manager) went into labor over the weekend and he will be taking over her position until she gets back from maternity leave. The next six weeks is a type of ‘trial by fire’ period for him in this new role. Once his manager returns his performance will be evaluated and if found acceptable he is likely to be given a CSM position at his own branch. The next six weeks are going to be somewhat challenging: in addition to fulfilling the CSM role he will also be continuing to do his previous job as a Customer Service Coordinator (CSC) too. If anyone can be a teller, manage the teller line, do account maintenance, deal with irate customers, analyze daily reports, answer the phones, open the bank, and still balance to the penny at the end of the day — it’s my husband :)

If you want to send him a congratulatory email I’d encourage you to do so. If you want to send it directly to his work account, that address is in the format:

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