Weekend Project – New Drapery

Not content with merely running a 10K in personal-record time this weekend, Benjamin and I took on the task of making drapery for the living room windows. You read that correctly – not purchasing drapery, but making it ourselves. Little did I know on Saturday morning that I would be wielding a hacksaw, screwdriver, and sewing machine all in one weekend.

When Benjamin picked out the fabric for the “wall” that was used in our wedding (photo of the ‘wall’ during original concept construction), he did it with the intention of using the same fabric later to make curtains or drapery for the windows in our living room. Two birds, one stone you might say. Ever since the wedding he has been anxious to get the project started and I was informed on Saturday morning that Project Drapery would be this weekend.

The journey began with a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase the curtain rods. Alas, none of them were short enough for what he wanted so we purchased 4 of the shortest rods with the intent of me ‘fixing’ three of them to the desired length. In addition to the rods, ends to attach to them were purchased to finish off the look he was wanting.

Armed with the hardware, we went back to the house (after a short detour to pick up our race packets) to begin construction.

Measurements were taken, discussions were had, more measurements were taken, marks were made, and construction began. I had Benjamin start taking stitches out of the existing fabric wall as I took 3 of the curtain rods to the back patio with a hacksaw in hand. 30 minutes later our 36″ curtain rods were now a short 10.5 inches and our wall-‘o-fabric was now in its parts. While Benjamin began measuring and trimming the fabric to their final size, I began installing the brackets for the hardware to the wall.

About this time we had to set the project on hold to attend Ryan’s going away get-together. We picked back up Sunday early afternoon post race (and post lunch).

As I finalized the few remaining hardware brackets as Benjamin pinned the strips of fabric for hemming. This is when the aforementioned sewing machine comes into play. Yes, yours truly can sew with the best of them — at long as they are straight lines (and yes, I see the irony). For the next several hours I hemmed fabric as Benjamin worked his magic.

First, the ‘before’. The picture didn’t turn out all that great but I couldn’t take another as the camera battery was going fast:

And here’s the ‘after’:

The artist with his creation:

A shot of the side window — not the similar, but not exact, design as the rear windows:

A closer look at the rear windows:

And finally, a close-up of a top:

As you can tell, Benjamin has a knack for decor. Its hard to capture the effect the curtains have on the room but trust me it is amazing. And yes, he’d be glad to come help you with your decor — just be ready with the plastic and possibly a hacksaw :)

Random facts: the following were vital in the creation of the piece: trapezoids and fishing weights.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Project – New Drapery”

  1. Woooow, those are lovely!! The “before” picture doesn’t look unfinished until I see the after picture.

    I can’t guess how the trapezoids were used. My guess for the fishing weights is that they were used to weigh down the fabric to give it the right drape and folds. Am I right? (Do I get a prize? ;-)


    1. You are exactly correct on the fishing weights (sorry, all out of prizes :).

      As for the trapezoids, the effect for the cream-colored fabric at the top that ‘flows’ down either side was done by cutting the fabric into a trapezoid, then hemming the edges. Not sure where Benjamin saw (or came up with) this idea but it is brilliant and gives a much more flowy look than would have been possible with a rectangular piece.

      I’m glad to know someone else thought the ‘before’ picture wasn’t completely hideous. After finishing the project Benjamin commented “I don’t know how I lived in this house for over a year without something on those windows. I didn’t know how bad they were until now.” To which I replied, “geeze, thanks honey, sorry to have made you suffer like that ;)”


  2. *applaud*

    Those are absolutely stunning. Yes, Benjamin has a knack indeed. He could be a wickedly successful interior decorator. Those are some killer hemlines as well. ;)

    Beautiful! Great work.


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