Wearing the Pants

All this week Benjamin has been in training for his new Financial Sales Representative (FSR) position with Compass Bank. There are 4 people total in his class: The Instructor, The Girl, The Guy (who is family), and Benjamin — all of which have husbands/partners. During a break The Girl asks The Guy which of he and his partner is ‘the man’ in the relationship. The Guy responds ‘I am’ to which The Girl laughes and says ‘you’re kidding!’. [Ouch!]

The Girl turns to Benjamin and says something along the lines of ‘how about you, who wears the pants in your relationship?’. Benjamin replies, ‘let me break it down for you: my husband is the man, I wear the pants, he makes the money, and I spend it’ and winks. [Too true — I love it!]

Even better, after telling Eve (Benjamin’s sister) at dinner tonight, Eve says ‘hmmm, just like Mom and Dad’. [!?]

Who wears the pants in your relationship?