Target’s shipping has date issues

On Nov 29th, B and I ordered two items from Target online. Target uses Amazon for their store (which I love) and it was easy and painless. The estimated delivery date when placing the order was between Dec 7th and 13th.

On Dec 5th, UPS delivered the first package. The shipping label says this was package 1 of 1 and it completes our order. A bit confused I log into the Target website and it shows that both packages have not yet been shipped and would be shipped together. I can’t track the package I received to see when it left where as the website doesn’t think it has even been shipped yet. Not sure what is going on, I decide to just wait a bit and see if it sorted itself out.

On Dec 7th, I received an email saying that there has been a delay with one or more items in my order. Checking the website again, it still shows that both items are in one shipment and neither have been shipped yet. New estimated arrival dates, from Dec 11th to Dec 17th. Weird.

On Dec 8th, UPS delivered the second package. This appears to be the second package of the order. Cool. Hours later I receive an email from Target that says my packages have been shipped today. Checking their website, it says that my packages have been shipped as one shipment with two packages on Dec 8th with an estimated arrival date of Dec 8th through Dec 20th. Tracking the packages individually gives me a different story. The first one was shipped on the 1st and confirms delivery on the 5th. The second package was shipped on the 5th and confirms delivery on the 8th.

On the upside, both packages arrived before or within the original estimated delivery window. The downside is that their website has no freaking idea what’s going on :)