2006 PBC Rating: 1!

Earlier this morning I had a call with my manager and received the news about my 2006 Primary Business Commitment (PBC) results – I got a 1!

For the uninitiated: At the beginning of each year, IBM employees write down their goals for the year and put them in the PBC tool. At the end of the year employees write up how close they came to achieve those goals and submit them to management who reviews them. Also at the end of the year management gets together and rates employees according to how well they did compared to their peers. Ratings can be one of the following

  • 1 – Extraordinary
  • 2+ – Exceeded Expectations
  • 2 – Solid Performer/Met Expectations
  • 3 – Needs Improvement
  • 4 – Your Ass Is Getting Fired

Because PBC ratings are tied to bonus payouts, the number of 1s and 2+s are limited – generally at a 3rd line manager level.

I’m excited for several reasons. First, and most obviously, it is great recognition within IBM and the Security organization. Second, it increases the percentage of bonus payout I can expect to get assuming IBM and SWG performed well enough in 2006 to hand out bonuses. And third, having a good PBC rating makes it easier for my management team to let me become a mobile employee for our move to Denver as they can see that I’m a solid performer.

Woohoo! :)

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

10 thoughts on “2006 PBC Rating: 1!”

    1. Umm… we’ll be saving most of that money for pesky things like moving expenses, apartment deposits, etc.

      On the other hand, I’ll pay for dinner when we all four go out, which is going to happen when?


      1. I was only kidding, anyhow :)

        Not sure when it’ll happen. I’m a bit under the weather today, so next week might not be so good. But, perhaps sometime the following week?


  1. Congrats! I was a little miffed the times that I got 1’s, but the division ended up performing badly, so good luck with that part, too (one of my beefs with IBMs bonus system is that individuals just have very little impact on an entire division – I much prefer systems based solely on individual performance).


  2. Yaaaaay! Way to go! I’ll be pulling for your division to do well, too (same thing happened to me as happened to Zach) so that you get a fantastic cash bonus. ;-)

    And oh, I can’t *imagine* anyone in your management chain NOT thinking you were a solid contributor, regardless!



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