ADC: 3M Half Marathon

Yesterday was the 3M Half Marathon, the 6th race in the Austin Distance Challenge and we didn’t run it.

Saturday early afternoon we went downtown and picked up our racing packets. Man – 3M sure knows how to pile stuff into those bags! That night Benjamin was having massive stomach issues, reminiscent of those that almost put him in the ER about a month ago. We set our alarms in the hopes he would be better Sunday morning.

Sunday morning he was better but not in a position to run a mile, much less 13. I put him back to bed and decided what I should do. Could I run? Physically, yes. Should I? B and I agreed from the beginning that we would run the races as a team, to the point of slowing down for the other person during a race if they weren’t up to snuff. I also knew that if I went and ran the race, B would understand but be really bummed. After weighing everything I opted not to run and thus have both of us forfeit the ADC for this year.

B felt almost back to normal Sunday evening. The last time he got his acid reflux prescription filled they gave him the generic form of his usual meds and he’s been having some issues ever since then. We’re thinking Sunday’s episode may have been related.

None of it is Benjamin’s fault, obviously, but to be honest, I’m bummed. I keep asking myself “did we give up too easily? should we have tried to run it anyway?” Looking back on it I can say I would make the same decision so I suppose that says something.

The next race in the ADC is the Freescale Marathon. We’re still hoping to run it.

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4 thoughts on “ADC: 3M Half Marathon”

  1. I didn’t see your names in the race results so I assumed you didn’t run. I don’t know if Benjamin could have walked the race; personally I’m probably a bit too attached to finishing at any cost this year, so I would’ve been walking and throwing up if I had to. :-/

    DNF really stands for “did nothing fatal” and at that you succeeded. Big, big kudos for not running without Benjamin. That can be really important in a team.



  2. Wow

    I’m so sorry to hear that Benjamin was feeling badly. But wow, Casey, what a great thing you did to respect the integrity of the team.

    I like Matthew’s assessment of “Did nothing fatal.” you both are still winners in my book!

    Hope Benjamin is feeling better.



  3. It sounds to me like you guys did the right thing by opting out of the half-marathon. Not completing the ADC certainly shouldn’t stop you from running the marathon, right? The marathon will be an impressive achievement in its own right!


  4. I’m sorry to hear that Benjamin isn’t feeling his normal self. But at least this time, you did the right thing (DNF – Did Nothing Fatal… I like that, thanks to Matt for the term ). Hope Benjamin feels better and that you two will conquer the Freescale Marathon!


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