ADC: AT&T Marathon

Tomorrow is the AT&T Marathon, and we’re not running it.

After not training for the past couple of months and after already being out of the ADC due to us not running the 3M Half Marathon, we had originally decided to just run half of the AT&T Marathon. We’d been talking about it for a week or so but decided for certain just 5 hours after the cutoff to switch from the full to the half. Not that we needed their permission to stop half way through the full race so that wasn’t a problem. Far better to just run the half marathon and feel good about it than run half of it and be miserable for the second half.

Fast forward to today when Benjamin has come down with some bronchial junk. He’s been coughing up crud since yesterday afternoon. (We’re guessing this latest illness is courtesy of the new FSR at the bank who was coughing all week long. Just another 1.5 weeks and we won’t have to worry about the bank again.) We’re both taking this as a sign that we’re simply not suppose to run the race tomorrow. Are we giving up? Probably, yes – but you know, I’m really OK with that. Ever since B applied to J&W in November, and got accepted in December, and started taking certification classes in January, we’re been going at a full tilt. It’s no wonder we are both frequently exhausted and stressed. I’m hoping things will get a little closer to normal come March 1st when Benjamin is no longer working.

We’ll be cheering for Matt () even if that means we’ll be doing so virtually if we can’t make it down to the race itself. Go Matt, go!

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3 thoughts on “ADC: AT&T Marathon”

  1. Taking yourself out if your sick is the smart thing to do. It’s not giving up if your goal in running it was to have fun and you don’t think you’d have fun.

    They printed our names on our bibs (it’s small, but there) so maybe some people can cheer for me by name this year. I can’t recall if they did that last year or not.

    Good luck with all the life transition things — that can be very stressful. My blood pressure has been kinda high the past few weeks with Michelle in the hospital, but I still feel fine. Apparently I don’t exhibit stress much but my body knows it. :-/ I’m very glad I haven’t gotten sick yet; I’ve certainly been eating like I have issues.



  2. Sorry that you won’t be able to run. Hope Benjamin feels better soon. I’ve been around sick kids for two months and it’s amazing I haven’t gotten sicker than I have been (random sore throat and congestion). BTW, we’ll be able to make a trip to Austin sometime during March.


  3. It’s Not Giving Up

    It’s facing reality.

    1. You’re both very busy people, even more so now
    2. Benjamin’s not feeling well, and would risk getting pneumonia if he tried to get out there in this weather

    I’m grateful you two made the adult decision, and decided not to run.



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