Jodi’s reception in Las Vegas

This past weekend Benjamin and I went to Las Vegas to attend the wedding reception for our friends Jodi and Greg. The reception itself was very nice and all of the TAMSters were there to help her celebrate — the first time we’d all been together since Jenny and John’s wedding three years ago.

That said, Vegas and I do not get along. Our plane arrived in Vegas an hour late and we stood in the taxi line for 20 minutes. It was 1am PST Saturday morning before we got to our hotel. Benjamin and I spent Saturday hanging out with the Texas TAMSters (including attending the reception early afternoon). That evening a group of us went to the Stratosphere Tower where Janice, Karen, and Benjamin road the three rides at the top while the rest of us looked on. Then it was back to the airport that night to check in for our 1:45am flight back to Texas. That flight was delayed an hour too. We finally arrived back in Austin at around 9am Sunday morning. In total, we were outside of the Las Vegas airport for less than 24 hours. Most of that was my fault (I thought I was scheduling at a 1:46pm flight and screwed it up).

Vegas itself was too depressing and flashy. It was depressing to see people sitting in front of slot machines throwing their money away for hours. And its legal to smoke virtually anywhere in Vegas — something that bothered both of us. B and I decided that we might have enjoyed some of the shows, but agreed that if we want to see a show we’ll go to Toronto or NYC before we head back to Vegas. It was an interesting experience, not one I want to repeat.

Most importantly: congratulations to Jodi and Greg, we wouldn’t have missed it for anything. To the rest of the TAMSters: it was great seeing everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Jodi’s reception in Las Vegas”

  1. > Jenny and John’s wedding three years ago.

    Our big wedding party was nearly six years ago, and we’ve been legally married for 6.5 years yesterday–time flies. :) And Stona’s the only one we hadn’t seen since then; wasn’t everyone else from Jodi’s wedding at yours last year?

    I found Vegas simultaneously pathetic and awe-inspiring.



    1. Oh wow – yes I guess it was well more than three years ago. Time is more than flying, it’s zooming around like an F-35! And that’s true – everyone except for Stona was at our wedding (I hate to say it, but we didn’t invite him as we were struggling to keep the total count down and I hadn’t heard from him in five years [cringe]). I think there have been a couple of times we’ve had ‘everyone-but-Stona’ together when Jodi had to be in Texas for something or other.


  2. Las Vegas

    Having lived all my life in south Texas, with a relatively non-flashy and slow-moving pace, I found Vegas to be a fun change. I, too, don’t understand people that like to stare at slot machines and there are plenty of “scuzzy men with questionable cards” (thanks, Jodi for the imagery) that I would avoid. But there was surprisingly a good deal of other things to enjoy. Seeing Max have fun on the rides at Circus Circus and being thrown off the edge of the Stratosphere tower were great fun! I also enjoyed the general excitement that can be felt just walking up and down the strip. There’s so much to do and see apart from gambling. Anyway, it would probably get old after awhile, but I’m glad I got to step into that flashy world for a change of pace.



    1. Re: Las Vegas

      Benjamin really enjoyed the Stratosphere too (I’ll try to remember and post pictures of our visit to it this weekend). It was nice to take a ride on the flashy side of life for a while, but I think I’ll wait a few more years before heading back. And this time I’m having a limo pick us up from the airport to avoid both driving in Vegas and the taxi line at the airport! :)


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