Multi-touch pressure-sensitive interface

A quick google search says that I’m several months behind the times (it was posted to /. in Oct 2006) but today was the first I’ve heard about it so I thought I’d pass it along.

Jeff Han (and others?) is working on a new touch-screen-like device that integrates more natural human gestures for interacting with a computer. For instance, move a picture by dragging it, resize it by taking two corners and streatching it, scale the “desktop” by selecting two points on it and streatching it, bring up a keyboard and type directly on the device itself (you can also scale and place the keyboard interactively), ditto pan/rotate/zoom mapping applications, etc.

Here’s a link to the Flash video of the keynote that was presented at 2006 Technology Entertainment Design (TED) conference. See also the researcher’s web page.

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3 thoughts on “Multi-touch pressure-sensitive interface”

  1. Ahhhh

    I had heard about this in a random conversation a while back and my first thought was – holy cow, I wonder what THAT code looks like? Yikes. Very cool technology, though. Perhaps the wee ones in your life will never know a mouse. ;)


  2. Bruce Tognazzini has a short history on multi-touch interfaces in his article on the iPhone, although he doesn’t say anything about FingerWorks, who was the most recent start-up to make a product with it. FingerWorks was bought by Apple, which then put out the iPhone with a lot of the FingerWorks tech in it.


    1. Thanks for commenting. My friend had one of FingerWorks’ keyboards, the TouchStream I believe it was called. I tried it for a bit but strongly missed the tactile feedback that a regular keyboard gives. The gestures aspect of it was very cool, however. I had no idea that Apple bought them.


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