Denver move – forward progress

We’ve sold furniture to friends, had a successful garage sale, and earlier this week we moved the 40-gallon aquarium to the Peel, Inc. sales office in Pflugerville — the house is looking pretty sparse. The house is also leased and we think they will be great tenants.

I’ll be a work-from-home employee for IBM effective Monday. My VOIP work phone isn’t due to arrive until mid-next week so I’ll be without an inbound work phone for a few days — woohoo!

The next two major items on our list are getting part of our fence in the back fixed (I have calls out to Viking fence) and selling the Mustang. The Mustang is going to be tricky since we need it up until the beginning of May. Anyone interested in buying a ’98 Mustang GT? (Details and price to follow in future post.)