Bush has “taken the lead” on climate change

Well, at least according to Tony Snow this morning. I was in the locker room at the gym (which has TVs in it — totally bizzare to me) and Mr. Snow was on talking about the the G8 summit. The man actually said the following:

SNOW: The President has in fact, contrary to stereotype, been actively engaged in trying to fight climate change and will continue to do so.

REPORTER: The one area that is notably absent and that even Shell Oil and other major players are calling for is a global mandatory emissions cap and trade program. Unless do you this on an international basis, it’s not in the long-term economic interest of the United States, which seems to be one of your arguments that somehow will benefit the United States in the long-term.

SNOW: Well, what the United States has done is we have actually taken the lead on those kinds of innovations.

(courtesy of Think Progress)

I almost bursted out laughing right there. Meg theorized either he was on drugs or it was the cancer treatments.