We’re not in Texas anymore

Well, specifically for this comparison: We’re not in Austin anymore.

It’s cold. Butt-freezing, teeth-chattering, toe-curling cold. The current temperature is 19 degrees with today’s high being 23. The low tonight is 8. Yes eight. Temperature-wise that’s been about par for the past week or more. It’s currently snowing and has been off and on for several days. The snow actually isn’t that bad (particularly since I can commute in house-shoes) but the cold is cold. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t living in a 100-year-old building with original windows and 14′ ceilings. The building is heated by steam and apparently there isn’t enough steam to go around to warm up our loft to above 60 degrees on average (sometimes it gets up to 65 and we rejoice). Or, maybe, it does get above 60 degrees but you’d have to be 10′ tall to feel it given the high ceilings. And did I mention we don’t have ceiling fans to help circulate the warm air?

On the flip side I bought a pair of all-purpose boots on Sunday evening that have come in particularly handy for my treks outside (to the gym, library, bank, post office, etc).

But yes – it’s cold.

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8 thoughts on “We’re not in Texas anymore”

  1. >:)

    I may live in Austin, but I’m still an Ohioan at heart. I’ve been outside in -60 windchills and seen six-foot snowfalls. I just can’t help grinning right now. >:)

    So when are you coming back to Austin? :P

    (In the meantime, you might look into this piece of technology called a space heater. Or fire.)


    1. Re: >:)

      And you know, I fully appreciate that the weather isn’t so bad (heck, I grew up with similar weather in the Texas panhandle). But Golly Gee, Batman, it was at least always warm inside!

      We’ve toyed with the idea of a space heater but I’m concerned about the fire hazard and electric bill :) So instead I walk around with my “inside jacket” which makes me look like a stylish Mr. Rogers. I also keep my toes next to the computer’s air exhaust (which is particularly warm since its running World Community Grid software)!

      I have been toying with checking out these folks who advertise in Scientific American: http://www.hydrosil.com. I am may just do that today.


      1. Re: >:)

        My Ohio bedroom was not well-insulated. It had two outside walls, each of which had a single pane window. I also had the attic above me and an unheated garage below me. I used space heaters quite a bit over the years, plus some storm windows. Granted, the rest of the house was pretty well-heated and I only needed to do it for part of the day, so I was fighting a slightly different battle that wouldn’t run up quite the same electric bill. However, on the safety side, even lo those many years ago, it was possible to find some fairly safe models (tip-over shut-off, no exposed coils, etc.). I imagine now there are even better options. But you’re looking for a whole house solution. I have seen those baseboardy things in other cold places that I was visiting. I didn’t really get a chance to put them to the test, but the fact that they were installed in places like NY is probably a good sign. :) As for the space heaters, you could always just use it in the office you’re at work. Then move it around as the day progresses? Personally, I’m drooling over this little gadget for my own frozen cube issues. No fire or electric bill issues here — just a slight barrier to entry. :)


      2. science!

        I found the link with the science of the C2 in it. I really have no idea if these little gadgets are any part of the solution to your heating woes, but i just love their eco- and budget-friendliness. (well, after you get over the initial price tag.)
        anyway, i can’t say that i really understand what the hell they’re talking about, but thought you might find it interesting:
        there’s a flowchart, big words, and a link to a patent. enjoy!


  2. I’m jealous. Swamp Houston was in the mid-80’s Fahrenheit on Saturday, with that trademark smothering humidity. At least it’s been raining for two days now so the heat has subsided a bit. But feel free to send some surplus crisp Denver air down here to banish this miserable haze back out to sea. Blech.


  3. we may live in San Diego

    but we have no heater. at all. so when the temp is 60 outside, yeah it’s 60 inside too. it never really gets much colder here (spots down to around 40 maybe one or two whole seconds a winter) and usually not for long anyway.

    but we have learned to use sleeping bags in lieu of comforters (or as comforters, as the case may be), and electric blankets are pure heaven.

    plus now we have an excuse to wear these :D http://www.bigfeetpjs.com/

    I’d def recommend a space heater for temporary use on and off throughout the day (office work, etc). not sure what to do about your cathedral ceilings there, unless you are interested in putting your furniture inside a tent for the winter. ;)


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