2007 PBC Rating: 1!

Two years in a row! :)

I just got off the phone with my manager and received the news about my 2007 Primary Business Commitment (PBC) results: I got a 1, again!

For the uninitiated: At the beginning of each year, IBM employees write down their goals for the year and put them in the PBC tool. At the end of the year employees write up how close they came to achieve those goals and submit them to management who reviews them. Also at the end of the year management gets together and rates employees according to how well they did compared to their peers. Ratings can be one of the following

  • 1 – Extraordinary
  • 2+ – Exceeded Expectations
  • 2 – Solid Performer/Met Expectations
  • 3 – Needs Improvement
  • 4 – Your Ass Is Getting Fired

Because PBC ratings are tied to bonus payouts, the number of 1s and 2+s are limited – generally at a 3rd line manager level.

My manager’s writeup makes me sound much more important than I really am but I sure sound good! I was a bit concerned how my relocation would impact my PBCs for this year. As a telecommuter I feel that I never really know how my peers and management team feel about me. Maybe it’s because I rely so much on nonverbal communication (can anyone say sign language?) and that’s completely absent.

In short: yay me!

Before you get too excited and think “hey, IBM just pre-released great 2007 earnings, it’ll be a good year for bonuses” remember that you’re applying logic and reasoning to the bonus process that does not exist. Besides, I’m told that while IBM did well, Tivoli did Much Less Than Well although I guess we’ll see later this week.

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5 thoughts on “2007 PBC Rating: 1!”

  1. Congrats! I got my first 1 this year, which is great since Michelle quit her job. I have had to caution her several times that just because IBM “did well” 4th quarter doesn’t mean there will be any money available for bonuses or raises.


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