We’re buying a townhouse!

The counter-offer was more than reasonable so we accepted it — we’re buying a townhouse!

The only thing that Benjamin and I don’t absolutely love about this unit is the outside color. It appears that Gargamel finally got the upper hand and made a line of paint. Yes, the condos are Smurf blue. Luckily the units around it aren’t so you can’t see the color from the inside :)

Check out realtor-provided pictures at 8351e29th.com.

The plan is to close on February 15th, lease back the unit to the current owners until March 31st, and take possession of it on April 1st. The lease-back helps the current owners who are in the process of building another home and gets us closer to the end of our lease at the lofts on April 14th.

This unit is vastly different from the unit we first started looking at but has the benefit of much more square footage, much nicer finishes, and a better possible resale value while only being slightly more expensive.