IBM raises arrive

Today IBM let the managers release information about raises to their employees. Once again the pickings were slim this year. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the market range had apparently increased in the Denver area which was a boon. Having a PBC rating of 1 helped too. After the raise my MRP is at 96% so there’s room for growth next year as well.

Granted, we won’t be going out and buying a Corvette with the increase but it will pay for some of the airfare back to Texas this year.

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3 thoughts on “IBM raises arrive”

    1. My manager sent me a PDF with my raise details and it included the MRP range for the (Denver, Band 8) pair. For a reference he also gave me the MRP range for the (Austin, Band 8) pair which I’ll happily pass along in a ST chat if that would be useful.

      I get the impression that the MRP numbers are IBM, not industry, specific but I could be mistaken.


      1. Yes, the MRP ranges are IBM specific, but does depend upon industry specifics in the regions as well, as you have mentioned before. I’m curious to see what is though, send me a ST :)


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