Behold the particle system of coolness

Today is a monumental day in the life of our new house: we have air conditioning.

We’re not exactly sure how the previous tenants lived in the house for 4 years without AC. The thermostat on the first floor says the house is currently at 81 degrees. The upstairs, where my office is located, is much warmer — you can feel the temperature difference walking up the stairs.

This will undoubtedly help my allergies as well. Having the windows open non-stop for the past six weeks has contributed to me being miserable despite the daily Allegra.

Excuse me while I go lay down on the air vents…

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

3 thoughts on “Behold the particle system of coolness”

    1. Yeah, that’s going to be a nasty tradeoff. The house is relatively well insulated so we’re hoping if we can get it cooled off that it won’t have to run constantly. We splurged for a fairly-high-end unit with hopes it will assist with the electric bill. Now if only the HOA would let us put up solar panels…


      1. Solar panels would be great. I’d do it as well, but I’d have to move since the HOA would be a pain in the rump about it.

        Hope it works out for you :)


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