Cholesterol report: the niacin is working

Last week I had yet more blood drawn to check my cholesterol levels. My doctor and I have been working on getting my LDLs down and my HDLs up since late last year. In December I started taking fish oil pills to decrease my LDL levels which seem to have worked: 150 -> 142 -> 118. Two months ago he put me on niacin to raise my HDL levels which also seems to be working, albeit not as much as we were hoping: 33 -> 38 at 2 grams/day. Regardless my cholesterol levels are changing for the better. Currently at: 118 LDL, 38 HDL.

Which is good – glad to know the hot flashes twice a day and the fish burps at bedtime aren’t for nothing.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

One thought on “Cholesterol report: the niacin is working”

  1. You know you’re getting old when…

    … talk/blog/tweet about your health problems. :-P

    So, my chol levels jumped a bunch, apparently chowing on butter, cream, and eggs for two years in Paris did it.

    I added Kellogs Bran Buds to morning, and chol dropped 224->189 in 6 months. My good cholesterol is up somewhere in 90-100 range now. Make sure u get the variety of BB that has lots of psyllium (sp?) in it.

    Still lovin my iphone. Hugs to the B-man


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