Band 9: Senior Software Engineer

After two months of anticipation I finally received word today that I have been promoted to band 9, or Senior Software Engineer. I’ve been at band 8, Advisory Software Engineer, since May of 2004 and while I’m told that only 4 years between bands 8 and 9 is rapid movement, it sure felt slow to me!

The promotion includes a small pay increase too which will be nice and will help pay for the A/C which we had installed a few months ago and while it was desperately needed then, we probably won’t run again until next May.

Here are my promotions to-date:

Year Band
2000 Band 6: Software Engineer
2001 Band 7: Staff Software Engineer
2004 Band 8: Advisory Software Engineer
2008 Band 9: Senior Software Engineer

Next up, Band 10: Senior Technical Staff Member with ETA 2013 +- a few years.