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Almost a month ago I decided to start a second blog dedicated to Tivoli Security performance issues called, uncreatively, Tivoli Security Performance Thoughts: Explorations and ruminations on performance.

For those not versed in IBMese, Tivoli is a brand of IBM and Security is a product segment within the brand. My primary product, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, is within the Tivoli Security area for which I am the performance lead. I don’t expect many, or really any, of you to find the postings on the new blog interesting enough to follow but I thought I’d at least make you aware of it.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

3 thoughts on “Tivoli Security Performance blog”

  1. You could also use the blogs on tap to provide further additional details on your consideration points that aren’t suitable for general public viewing. Also, you may wish to consider publishing on the developerworks blogs as well to attract more customers through that channel venue. Of course, you might have already considered these :-)


    1. I tried for the life of me to figure out if there was an IBM-sponsored external blogging interface before resorting to LJ. I found the developerWorks blogs but couldn’t figure out how to start one and eventually just gave up. Any ideas how I can publish to, or link from, developerWorks?

      And using TAP for internal elaboration is an excellent idea! I just need to evaluate how many of the external entries would have internal-only additions to see if that is worthwhile.


      1. I’ll have to join your confusion on how to start one. I don’t know how to access the sign up form or back end blog application. You may need to email someone over in DeveloperWorks or go through their “Contact Us” form.


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