Another article published on developerWorks

After waiting for over two months after it was submitted, my second part to ITDS performance troubleshooting was published on developerWorks: Troubleshooting IBM Tivoli Directory Server Performance, Part 2: Resolving slow queries using DB2 snapshots.

Part 1 was released back in July. I had considered doing a Part 3 discussing performance troubleshooting with respect to regular maintenance but if it happens I won’t be writing it until early next year.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

3 thoughts on “Another article published on developerWorks”

  1. Congrats on the article

    Sorry you had to wait over two months and thanks for your tenacity.

    Glad to see you are putting it out in the blogosphere.

    Branavan Ganesan
    Online Offerings Manager, developerWorks
    I am ‘brenny’ on twitter.


    1. Re: Congrats on the article

      Thanks Branavan.

      It does seem a bit unreasonable to take over two months to get something posted to developerWorks considering the authors create it in an XML format that would require little to no changes in order to publish it. I’ll follow up with you on an internal email.


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