Cholesterol update

Friday I had my annual physical and they pulled blood to check my cholesterol levels. And — wow, check it out!

2007-12 150 N/A
2008-06 142 33
2008-08 118 38
2008-11 90 41

I’m actually quite surprised at how low my LDLs are! I almost halved my LDL levels in the course of a year. Looks like I’ll be staying on the niacin and fish-oil pills for the foreseeable future.

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4 thoughts on “Cholesterol update”

  1. cholesterol

    Casey your numbers are amazing. I too am facing this problem and just started on Niacin – will ask DR about fish oil. I would love to have your numbers!!

    Mary Plese – FCC


    1. Re: cholesterol

      I look at the numbers and am still impressed myself! I’m taking 3g of niacin a day (1.5g in the morning and 1.5g at night) for the sole objective of increasing my HDL levels — and that’s a lot of niacin! The fish oil pills are to help lower my LDL levels.

      I looked around and found a bottle of 240 count 500mg tablets at GNC but they were the flushing kind. All the non-flushing seem to come in much smaller quantities and cost a bit more so every couple two months I go to GNC and buy 2 bottles and pick up a large bottle of generic aspirin at Target. Taking a single aspirin with each 1.5g dose of niacin turns the flushing into only a mild irritant instead of a major discomfort. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even notice it.

      The fish oil pills I also get at GNC. Previously I was taking three 100mg Omega-3 pills (purchased at Target) at bedtime until I found the 300mg Omega-3 fish oil pills at GNC — pills that were the same size as the 100mg Omega-3 ones — so that cut it down to just one fish oil pill at bedtime. The only time I don’t take the fish oil pill is if I have acid reflux at bedtime as that’s a sure fire way to get fish burps – ick!

      Best of luck with your own cholesterol-lowering adventure!


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