iPhone apps I actually use

Much like others I have tons of iPhone apps on my phone (all of them free) but only a few get regular usage. I thought I’d pass long some of my favorite iPhone apps. Bubbles and MiniPiano are great games for my 1-2 year old nieces and nephews. I was using Wikipanion for a while but have since switch to Wikiamo for my Wikipedia fix. The latest Moonlight lite update allows for competitive mahjong for folks on the same wifi network. I really like Now Playing for a movie lookup app but it keeps crashing on me so I’ve been test-driving OneTap and have had a better experience with it for the past couple of days. And I’d never be without my Mobile News app which lets me save articles for reading while I’m offline (ie: on an airplane). I also like Pandora which works on the 3G network as well as the wifi, which surprised me. B and I use Zenbe exclusively for maintaining our grocery lists. Throw in the random usage of Facebook, Units, and iheartradio and that covers all of the 3rd party apps that I use on any kind of regular basis.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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