Frigid in Denver

A cold front came through last night and dropped a couple of inches of snow on us. The snow isn’t really even worth mentioning as we had a bit more snow dropped on us about a week ago. What is worth mentioning is that the front also massively dropped the temperature. The high today was some where in the single digits and it is currently in the single digits — below zero.

Thank God we’re in our house instead of still living in the loft downtown with the beautiful, but drafty, 100-year-old stained glass windows that leaked like a sieve.

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5 thoughts on “Frigid in Denver”

  1. Denver Winters?

    I’m clueless about Colorado weather. Are these relatively normal temperatures and snowfalls for winter in Denver?

    Either way, yay for the condo. I’m also assuming the furnace situation is far better than the initial (nonexistent) A/C situation. Er, you DO know what a furnace is, right? :P


    1. Re: Denver Winters?

      This is very normal (if not mild) snowfalls for winter in Denver. As far as temperatures – these are a bit colder than usual I think. According to the news, we’ve set records for the past two days:Last night at 6:35pm the temperature at Denver International Airport reached a frigid -18 degrees. This breaks the 107 year old record of -14 degrees for December 14th set way back in 1901.Via: Denver Weather ExaminerAnd yes, we do have the furnace running otherwise we’d be blocks of ice!


      1. Re: Denver Winters?

        Whoa. -18 is pretty terrible. At least that was in the middle of the night.

        Hey, I didn’t know if you had a *real* furnace (and by real, I mean natural gas, of course :P), depending on how normal these temps were.

        Our condo has introduced us to the joys of the heat pump, a device which generally starts to fail in the 40s. If you’ve been watching Austin weather this year, you know that we’ve been having to come up with some alternate heat sources. Fortunately Starla makes a good lap-warmer.

        I haven’t had a gas furnace since moving to Texas. I had exposed wall unit heaters in one particularly ancient apartment (yay, safety!) and various forms of wimpy centralized electric heating in the others.


      2. Re: Denver Winters?

        We do have a gas furnace (we did in Austin too). I think having a gas furnace is a requirement for living in Colorado.


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