New workout routine

The last week of 2008 I started a new workout routine and I’m excited about carrying forward to at least the first quarter of 2009. In the last several months of 2008 there was a new guy at the gym (Paul) who was doing some circuits and had recruited another gym regular (Steve) to join him. Mid-December he and I got to talking and he invited me to join them as well. Their circuits are different enough from my boring old routine that it sounded interesting.

The workout is 6 of the following circuits:

  1. wide-grip pull-ups
  2. seated rows
  3. dips
  4. overhead triceps extensions
  5. close-grip push-ups
  6. bicep curls

Ideally you’d do 12 reps for each set and increase the weight on each trip through the circuit. My very first time through I only made it through 4 circuits with about 8 reps for each set. The second time I made it through 5 circuits at 8 reps per set. Today I made it through all 6 circuits with between 6 and 8 reps per set. Now that I have an idea of the weights that I should be using and the number of sets needed to make it through all 6 circuits I can start working up to 12 reps.

One of the big changes between this routine and my previous routine is the amount of rest. In my previous routine I would superset two exercises of opposing muscle groups and rest between each superset. For this routine you rest very little and only between each circuit.

I was happy with today’s workout — now lets see if I can drag myself to the gym tomorrow for some lower body exercises, which I hate with a passion.

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