2009 Travel – A first glance

We’re going to be doing a lot of travelling this year, and the cost is adding up fast.

Last week I was in Littlefield doing some work for my Dad’s business. Thankfully because it was directly business related, the business paid for my $370 flight. The downside is that getting to Lubbock, the nearest airport, is a pain in the ass. My flight there was: Denver > Amarillo > Dallas Love Field > Lubbock. Keep in mind that Amarillo is only 2 hours via car north of Lubbock, a fact that was going through my mind as we went from Amarillo to Dallas Love Field. My flight back was: Lubbock > Dallas Love Field > Tulsa > Denver. Aside: Tulsa and the surrounding area looks just as boring and dull as Lubbock does, at least from the air.

In February we’re travelling to Kingsville for Benjamin’s Dad’s 50th birthday party. After weighing several different options, we’re flying Frontier to San Antonio, renting a car, and driving it 2 hours to Kingsville. We bought those plane tickets yesterday evening. Estimated cost for entire trip (including gas): ~$560. If we had flown in to Corpus Christi, the closest airport to Kingsville, it would have been ~$750 with very non-ideal travel times.

In March Benjamin is flying to Houston to attend a Britney Spears concert with his best friend Eric (don’t ask me, I don’t get it either). We bought his plane tickets this morning. I think those came out to ~$130.

In April we’re flying to Austin to attend Nick & Sarah’s wedding (yay!). We’re flying in via Frontier and getting a rental car. Benjamin bought those tickets this morning as well and I think the cost with the airfare, rental car, and gas is ~$625.

The very next week weekend we’re flying back to Texas, this time to Kingsville for Easter. Benjamin’s family is really big on Easter — even bigger than they are on Thanksgiving. We didn’t go last year so we’re going this year. We’ll likely fly into San Antonio via Frontier and take a rental car. We’re hoping to get the tickets with miles. We’re just a few miles shy so we’re waiting until after Benjamin’s trip to Houston to get these tickets. With luck this will only cost us ~$200 total.

In July we’re flying to Lubbock to attend my youngest brother’s wedding. At least I assume it will be both of us — there’s a whole can of worms that could be opened depending on the bride, groom, and the rest of my family. Best case, however, there will be two of us travelling to Lubbock, likely via Southwest through an ungodly number of stops again at a cost of ~$700. Getting to Lubbock just sucks no matter how you consider it. [a pause to check Southwest’s website] Strike that – we’re flying to Amarillo, renting a car, and driving south. I’m guessing that’ll cost us, even with the rental car and gas, only about $350.

And then there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re having Thanksgiving with this family, presumably in Kingsville, and Christmas with my family, presumably in Austin. Luckily I don’t have to think about those details until at least July.

In addition to all of that, Benjamin initially wanted to attend some school-related conferences but after buying all of the tickets above and the few days of classes he’ll need to miss already for the above plans, we opted to not attend any conferences at least the first half of the year. That’s unfortunate because I think he would really benefit from some of them but there’s just no reasonable way to make it happen.

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4 thoughts on “2009 Travel – A first glance”

  1. You seem to be missing your flights to Seattle. And, more seriously, how long are you staying in Austin for the wedding? We’re about to buy tickets, and we’re considering waiting until Monday to fly out.


    1. I keep trying to wheedle my way up to Seattle. I’d have better luck if we lived in Texas still since that would cut down on the flights to see family <grrrr>

      I believe we’re flying in Thursday evening and flying out Monday morning. B has the itinerary on his computer — I’ll get that from him tonight and drop you guys an email with the actuals.


  2. For going to Lubbock, I’d consider just driving. It’s supposedly 9 hours, which after I factor in costs of flying and car rental and flexibility, I think I’d prefer.


    1. That’s a pretty sound option. I’ve done that drive a few times years ago (well, from Denver to Austin, but not stopping at Lubbock – I didn’t know anyone there). Only downside is dealing with weather. 9 hours of snow wouldn’t be fun.


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