IBM: 2008Q4 results are good! Layoffs around the corner?

IBM released really good 2008 Q4 results today which was, to me at least, very surprising given the economy. Par usual, Sam sent out an email to all IBM employees thanking them for their work and giving a synopsis of the results released to the public (obviously after they were released to the public). Of particular interest to me was the information that the bonus and salary plans are still funded — something I was not expecting given the current economic conditions.

On the flip side, there are still rumors that IBM will be issuing layoffs. We’ve (obviously) not been told anything internally although someone I trust has a feeling that if something were to go down, that it would go down this Friday. I’m not overly concerned about my position but you never know for sure until the dust settles.

2009/01/21 Update: IBM didn’t wait until Friday. Some number of layoffs are happening within my organization starting today. We weren’t informed how many or who was affected although I was told that I was not impacted.

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