2008 PBC Rating: 2

I was unable to continue my “PBC rating of 1” streak 3 years in a row, but really – that’s OK with me because this year I was compared to all the band 9s thanks to my recent promotion so the competition was a bit harder.

[From my post last year:] For the uninitiated: At the beginning of each year, IBM employees write down their goals for the year and put them in the PBC tool. At the end of the year employees write up how close they came to achieve those goals and submit them to management who reviews them. Also at the end of the year management gets together and rates employees according to how well they did compared to their peers. Ratings can be one of the following

  • 1 – Extraordinary
  • 2+ – Exceeded Expectations
  • 2 – Solid Performer/Met Expectations
  • 3 – Needs Improvement
  • 4 – Your Ass Is Getting Fired

Because PBC ratings are tied to bonus payouts, the number of 1s and 2+s are limited – generally at a 3rd line manager level.

This year I thought I’d include an excerpt from my manager’s writeup (partially redacted):

Casey remains a focal point in the Tivoli Security organization for all matters relating to performance and scale testing and associated environmental “tuning” considerations involving operating systems (platforms) and middleware. Casey is continually requested, by name, to assist with and support external customers. For many of these customers, Casey has assisted L2/L3 with crit-sit and PMR/APAR activity. In a number of instances he has also traveled to provide on-site assistance. Casey ended the year on an strong note in this very fashion, by providing technical support and assistance in a sale to [Large US Bank]. Here is a quote from a Security Sales Leader for the East, ‘ I can not thank you enough for the contribution Casey Peel brought to last week’s performance tests with [Large US Bank]. Not only Casey exceeded [Head Bank Guy’s] expectations but he also delivered the message in a trustworthy and warm way. We are facing [competitors] still, but last week we showed what Team IBM can do for Identity and Access management and Casey was an instrumental part of that.’ This was followed with a comment from a Specialty Software Sales Representative, ‘…..Thank you. If we win this deal, it will be in no small part attributed to Casey’s efforts.’ These particular comments were sent to our VP of Storage & Security Development as well in December. I have become accustomed to being on the receiving end of comments like these regarding Casey’s contributions on an ongoing basis.

Overall I’m content with my rating — not thrilled but certainly content. A 2 puts me pretty much out of the running for any bonus or merit-based salary increase although I might get a corrective salary adjustment based on my new market reference point as a band 9. Still, given the economy and layoffs I’m just glad to be employed at a job I enjoy.

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