Names and indicators

Today Benjamin received something from the March of Dimes in the mail addressed to “Benjamin G. Peel”. I have no idea where they came up with that, his middle name doesn’t even start with a G! What makes me scratch my head even more is that he received another identical piece of mail with his correct name on it.

That did bring to mind an ongoing conversation that B and I are having recently about names. We are considering changing our last names. The objective would be to change them to be the same name, but one that is different than either of our current last names.

The impetus behind this came from B a couple of weeks ago. It finally hit him that there is nothing that ties the two of us together besides our verbal commitment to one another. No children, no marriage certificate, no civil union document, nothing at all tangible. In fact, he said it wasn’t until he mentally went down that road did he feel the full force of being unable to get married. He finally “got it”, and then he got pissed :) His proposed solution to address this was to have us change our last names.

While B feels strongly about it, I’m still warming up to the idea. While I would love to be able to get married, mostly for the 1100+ federal rights that it bestows onto you, I’m content with what we have. My vow to B won’t change if we decide to change our last names, nor will it change if DOMA is repealed and we get legally married. That said, I don’t discount that it would mean a great deal to B, so I’m pondering it over.

B has taken our last names and has come up with several dozen last name possibilities — some of which are downright scary. My favorite thus far is: Garcel. Benjamin & Casey Garcel?

I’m not sure where this venture will take us, but I’m sure if we take the dive and change our last names our families are going to flip their lid.