TMJ, or more properly, TMJ disorder

I’ve self-diagnosed myself with TMJ disorder. Well, not completely self-diagnosed myself as my dentist did find evidence of teeth grinding during my last visit.

Over the last month, however, I’ve noticed that it has gotten much worse. I frequently find myself clenching my teeth during the day. I’m not sure exactly why this is and I’ve made a concerted effort to try and stop it. I have an appointment scheduled with my dentist on Feb 13th to talk about it in addition to my semi-annual cleaning.

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3 thoughts on “TMJ, or more properly, TMJ disorder”

  1. Just as a note, you may also be able to self-medicate. I was diagnosed with mild TMJ/Bruxism, and the dentist set me up with a nightguard, but, even with insurance, they’re pretty expensive. I lost my first nightguard in a hotel room en route to Seattle and looked around for alternatives. I discovered that there a some pretty simple ones like these (I think I found cheaper on Amazon). They only last about 6mos, but they’re cheap. I think the break-even point was around 3 years on my insurance, which is longer than the expensive ones are supposed to last. And if you’re like me and prone to losing things like this, they’re certainly significantly cheaper to lose. :)


    1. Thanks for the information, both your experience and the link. I’ll see what my dentist says and if she recommends a night guard I’ll do a price comparison before jumping into a prescription guard.

      The whole thing reminds me of having to wear a night retainer earlier in my life, something I distinctly hated.


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