Norah Jones, musician — and actor?

Benjamin and I are big fans of Norah Jones. We saw her in concert at Red Rocks last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. She is a wonderful entertainer as well as singer-songwriter. Her song My Dear Country (and Pink’s Dear Mr. President) got heavy airplay in our household over the past 4ish years. I particularly enjoyed her duet with Dolly Parton in Creepin’ In although something about Rosie’s Lullaby always pulls me in.

At some point the movie My Blueberry Nights was added to our Netflix list for the sole reason that she was in it (Jude Law and Natalie Portman also star in it). We watched it last night and decided that she’s a decent actor but that the plot was a bit sloggy (as in, “we slogged through it”). It’s telling that the highlight of the movie was the opening and closing song which she wrote and performed.

I’m unsure I would recommend the movie, even for Netflixing, but I would recommend the soundtrack in a heartbeat.

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