Hermit Prevention Program

The day after I posted my blog entry containing my guidelines for 2009, Wally commented saying that she too had a goal of getting out more and being less of a hermit. Knowing that hermit prevention is easier accomplished when accompanied by a friend, we formed our own little lunch group that meets once a month.

Last month Benjamin and I met Wally and her friend Ruth down at Rio Grande Mexican food restaurant near the Park Meadows mall. We had such a great time we opted to make it a monthly event. Today Ruth and Wally drove up to our neck of the woods and we went out to La Sandia (another Mexican food restaurant) in Northfield. Once again we had a wonderful time — time that flew by much too quickly! We’re already working to schedule our March luncheon, this one back in south Denver. The restaurant hasn’t yet been chosen but no one has ruled out Mexican food!

While I’m making great progress on my hermit goal, the other three goals have had varied success: I’m blogging a bit more (good), only cut down my receipt collection rate by 50% (decent), and have yet to finish the house shoes (bad). Speaking of which, off to do a bit more work on those I think.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

One thought on “Hermit Prevention Program”

  1. I’m honored to have made your blog. It’s sad that R had to push us to form our group but I’m glad she did!
    What are the house shoes?????
    See you next month. W


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