Layoff ripple effects

I found out today that one of my virtual-team peers, Ray, was impacted by the layoffs last month. Luckily he has three internal job opportunities and three external job opportunities so the odds of him finding another job look promising. I’m very sad to see him go and wish him all the best. I’m under the impression that this Friday is his last day in his current position. It no doubt sucks for him.

It also sucks for me. Up until now Ray handled the performance and sizing for one set of Tivoli Security products, I handled the performance and sizing for ITIM, and all the other acquisitions and miscellaneous products got dumped on Dave. All three of us interact with development, test, support, and work with customer crit-sits. With Ray gone, not only do we loose all of his expertise but Dave and I gain responsibility for his workload. His very extensive workload.

The next few months could be very, very painful.

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2 thoughts on “Layoff ripple effects”

    1. I know they are moving the development of his primary product overseas. I presume they decided to move the performance stuff for the product over there too. No one in management seems to grok that you can’t just up and move 10 years worth of product-specific performance experience overseas in 4 weeks. So yes, IMHO they are cutting into muscle.


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