My Husband: the worst trip-packer ever

Benjamin flew down to Houston this weekend to visit his best friend and with him to see the Britney Spears concert. Because we’re flying out tomorrow I thought I’d wash the clothes that he took on the trip so they would be clean if he opted to take them with us this weekend. Not knowing what all was clean or dirty I washed everything in his suitcase.

I just washed 15 shirts. Not undershirts, shirts. He was gone for a total of 5 nights and thus needed to pack at least 5 shirts. I know he had a shirt on when I took him from the airport so at a minimum I would have expected to wash 6 shirts but 15? 2.5 times the minimum number? No wonder the man had to check a bag for 5-night trip to Houston. When I went to San Jose last month I took one carry-on bag for an 8-night stay.

To give him the benefit of the doubt I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought a couple of shirts while he was in Houston, so that might account for 2 or 3 of them, but not the entire 9 extras.

And while I didn’t bother counting them this time around, he usually packs more pairs of shoes than he does the days he’ll be somewhere.

My husband officially wins the title for the worst trip-packer ever.

Correction: The above was written after only putting away the load of colors. After putting up the load of whites I must add 5 more to the total, bring it up from 15 to 20.