Freakazoid weather

Most of the day yesterday it rained off and on. Last night before going to bed it had turned into microsleet or frozen snow, one or the other. We woke up to it snowing. It proceeded to snow off and on until just before noon. Then it started raining – hard. Now it’s snowing in huge clumps.

If “April showers bring may flowers”, what does rain, microsleet, and snow bring?

Support a local Austin business: ClayWays

ClayWays is a wonderful teaching pottery studio in the heart of Austin (right on Burnet near 2222). Before moving from Austin I took several wheel classes there and fell in love, not only with pottery but with the camaraderie that a teaching studio offers. In addition to a teaching studio, ClayWays has a gallery full of pottery created by local potters available for purchase.

Like many small businesses, ClayWays is having a bit of a rough time and could use any help it can get — both from new students as well as purchases from their gallery.

On Saturday, April 25th they are having a Show and Sale called “Small Wonders” from 5pm-9pm including pottery demonstrations from 5pm-7pm. From their website:

In response to drought, many cultures hold a rain dance. This show and sale is our response to the economic drought. In good times or bad we deliberately go to pot ever day – we are your community potters.

We are also your friends and neighbors and we need your help to create a ground swell of mindful local shopping to keep us in business. Come to our show and let’s get to know each other.

If you’re looking gifts to give, please consider attending and supporting a local business. Who knows, you might find a new hobby along the way!

ClayWays is at 5442 Burnet Road, Austin TX 78756.