Put it in my walker?

Benjamin and I are joining a couple of friends at Texas de Brazil tonight. The only way we can afford to eat at that restaurant is from the coupons they sometimes send out.

Benjamin sent me an email from his iPhone last night to remind me to pick up the coupon from my desk. Something went horribly wrong between Benjamin’s hastily-written email and the iPhone’s autocorrection software. This is what I received (emphasis mine):

Subject: Texas de Brazil Coupon

Please grab it from your desk and put it in your walker or something :)

I had to read that line three times before realizing he meant wallet. We both got a good chuckle out of that this morning!

Freezing a $100 bill

Yesterday Benjamin and I spent the afternoon in our back yard doing some spring cleaning and some prep work for some new planting. We went to Home Depot and purchased some flowers for around the aspen tree in our back yard, a couple of mini evergreens for two larger planters on our porch (Benjamin was so excited about these), and a couple of other small plants for the planters on the fence — all for $100.06. It started raining late afternoon before we could get the flowers planted around the aspen so we left them sitting above where they were to be planted…

…only to wake up this morning with it snowing rather hard. The high today is 49 degrees and the high on Wednesday is 72. We’re crossing our fingers that the plants survive.

Update: I just brought all portable plants inside and they’re now defrosting. Drat this icky mess.