Wedding: The invitation arrived and was declined

Despite it only being a month until the wedding, we — or should I say “I” — finally received the invitation to Jonathan and Lindsey’s wedding. I’ll be putting our zero-attendees reply in the mail tomorrow. Earlier today I booked my tickets out to see Meg in California over the wedding weekend where my presences will be sorely missed I’m sure. Benjamin will be traveling to Texas to visit his family while I’m out in CA. He needs some family time himself and that was the best weekend to do it given the rest of our summer schedule.

The only hard part now is calling my grandparents and letting them know I won’t be there — and more importantly why I won’t be there. I need to do that sometime in the next two weeks.

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I'm a gay geek techie space nerd living in Seattle, WA.

6 thoughts on “Wedding: The invitation arrived and was declined”

    1. One grandmother knows I’m gay, and is very unhappy about it. My grandfather (her husband) doesn’t know I’m gay and won’t take it well.

      My other grandmother doesn’t know I’m gay but I have a suspicion she’s figured it out.

      All around it’s going to be some not-so-fun conversations.


      1. Rating battle scars only reinforces the negative that a struggle is ongoing. Instead lets both be encouraged that we have someone who can relate to our situation :)

        Thanks for the encouragement.


      2. I’m sorry Casey, just hang in there. Our thoughts are with you.

        But it’s good that you’ve scheduled another trip to someplace fun, at the same time, for you two (even if it’s not together).


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