IBM raises (or lack thereof) arrive

Despite the economic turndown IBM did in fact give out raises this year, albeit meager ones. Unlike last year where there was an MRP adjustment in addition to a merit-based adjustment, this year it was only merit-based and it only applied to those who received PBC ratings of 2+ and 1. That was disappointing for me given that I received a PBC rating of 2 largely due to my recent promotion. So my salary remains unchanged. Not that I’m at all complaining given that many companies are reducing pay across the board by a percentage.

On the plus side I did find out the new MRP range for Band 9s in my region. I’m currently sitting at a MRP of 46% — or only about half way to the midpoint of the range — so if they opt to do MRP adjustments again next year I have lots of room to grow.

Looking back on it I’ve decided I’ve been on the wrong side of IBM’s MRP program. Every time they’ve decided to do MRP adjustments I’ve made a high PBC rating and qualify for merit-based adjustments but the pool of money to allocate is smaller because of the mandatory MRP allotments. The time they decide not to do an MRP I have a lower rating that doesn’t qualify for merit-based adjustments.

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