Frequent Flyer

In the month of August, I slept in my own bed here in Denver a total of 14 days. It feels like a lot less than that however, likely because my extensive travel started even prior to August arriving.

My travel schedule for the past 7 weeks looked something like this:

  • Jul 23-30 – San Jose, CA visiting Meg
  • Aug 06-15 – Reston, VA visiting Renee, Robert, and Rebagrace
  • Aug 19-23 – Seattle, WA visiting Jeff and Jonobie
  • Aug 26-30 – Austin, TX visiting Kelly, Nicole, Kooper, my new niece Isabelle, Leslie, Andy, and Alexandra
  • Sep 01-05 – Milwaukee, WI helping a customer for work

Benjamin had his own set of travel during that time (the Reston and Austin trips we did together). He flies in later this afternoon only to start school again tomorrow.

I had a blast during my visits all over the country but man am I glad to be home for a while. Benjamin has some more travel planned later this month for a wedding but otherwise I think we’re sitting tight until the holidays roll around. Tentative plans have us in Austin for Thanksgiving during which we hope to visit both sets of family to free us up for a travel-free Christmas. But who knows – as SINKs we have a decent amount of flexibility and DINKhood is just 9 months away!

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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