Milk & cookies, throwing balls, and chocolate bitches

Benjamin and I are uncles to some cute, very funny, and scarily bright nieces and nephews. We aren’t related to most of them genetically but that hasn’t stopped us from adopting them as our own anyway. The more I hear about their antics the more I think my friends’ children are rapidly outsmarting their parents and that the world needs to watch out! Two small examples follow.

Three-year-old RG (the name used by her mother Renee when posting about her online) is a crafty one. She eats her cookies with a milk chaser, just like her Uncle Casey, and used that fact to outsmart her mom. From Renee’s blog:

As I was making lunch one day, she opened the refrigerator and looked around. Then, she asked me for some milk. Since she never asks for milk, I said sure. I got down a coffee mug and put a little milk in it. Then I handed it to her. She waited only a brief second to then ask “Now may I have a cookie, please?” Hmmmmm….I got taken….royally outsmarted by a 3 year old. Should have seen that one coming. Since she was so clever, I gave her the cookie and then made lunch.

Caleb, Jan’s 1.5-year-old angel, is equally crafty. From Jan’s blog:

He knows the word ball and he also knows that balls are meant to be thrown. He likes to throw. He also knows that non-balls cannot be thrown or else you get sent to time out. He doesn’t like time out.

The solution?

Everything is a ball. He’ll pick up a shoe, block, car etc and proclaim “ball! ball!” and then throw the sucker halfway across the room. Nice. See, is it’s a ball then it’s a legal throw and you can’t fuss mom. Yeah, no. Time out here you come buddy.

Tonight I asked Juan if perhaps Caleb might be a little confused and not know the word “throw” and thus he was saying “ball! ball!” because he wanted to throw and didn’t know how else to express himself. I said this in front of Caleb. Who promptly looked at me and said “throw! throw!”

That covers the milk & cookies and throwing balls — but trust me, don’t miss the story about the chocolate bitches. Just wait until she starts school and asks her kindergarden teacher for some!