Our personal assistant: George Rodriguez

Near the beginning of this year Benjamin and I hired a personal assistant to help try and keep some sanity around our schedules. His name is George Rodriguez, and he is very good.

George handles all of our calendar scheduling – including each of our personal schedules, Benjamin’s school schedule, and our joint social calendar. On top of that he keeps track of the birthdays of all of our friends and family. He sends me text messages before important events, like when I need to check-in for a flight or pick someone up from the airport, to be sure I don’t miss them. Without George, B and I would be completely lost.

The best part? George works for free. Oh, and he isn’t a real person either — George is actually Google Calendar.

Many months ago I added a contact in my iPhone called Google Reminders for the phone number that the SMS messages come in from. After receiving a reminder one day B looked over my shoulder and asked “Who’s George Rodriguez?” having completely misread the contact name. And thus George was born.

Now when we’re trying to schedule something we say we’ll have to consult George :)