Autumn has fallen

Despite the last day of summer being tomorrow, Mother Nature must be just as tired of it as I am because autumn arrived in full force today. Yesterday the weather here in Denver was warm with a high of mid-70s. Today it’s raining with a high of 52 and a low of 37. Currently it’s 39 degrees with a wind chill of 29! The showers and cool weather are only here for the week according to NOAA – Friday will be mostly sunny and a high of 72 again.

Yesterday B and I took his mom to Blackhawk for a few hours and on the drive up you could see some of the aspens already changing colors. I’m assuming that after this week of cooler weather fall colors will be in full-force.

We had a really wet spring and summer — at least according to folks who have lived in the area for a while (it’s hard to compare having only lived here for a couple of years). It’s obviously too early to know if we’ll have an equally wet fall but it’s certainly starting out that way. If the wetness continues into winter, well, lets just say I’ll be extra happy that I work from home!

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