Benjamin’s recipe selection privileges: revoked

Every Sunday Benjamin and I sit down and decide what meals we’re cooking for the week. We look at our schedules, and the weather, and determine roughly what meals we want to cook. Sometimes we opt for tried-and-true recipes, but often we’ll select one or two new recipes to try out. Then we go to the grocery store and buy everything we need for the week. This has been our standard operating procedure for many years now.

This trimester Benjamin doesn’t get out of class until 6pm every evening, so I’ve been responsible for getting dinner started, if not done, by the time he gets home. (Yes, not only do I bring home the bacon, but I cook it too!) I’d forgotten how much I love to cook until thrown into this schedule. However, after last night I officially revoked Benjamin’s new recipe selection privileges for at least a week or more.

Two weeks ago B selected the recipe for the Indian dish that involved the garam masala which I’ve blogged about twice before. Given his strong reaction to the smell when he walked in the door, we ordered take-out and I ended up eating it later by myself when he was otherwise occupied. It was rather good if a bit heavy on the onion. That was strike one.

This week B selected a recipe for Coq au vin that we had cooked before back in Austin. Unlike the classic recipe featured at the link, this one is much simpler but still tasty. This one at least made it to his plate before he decided that while edible, It wasn’t as good as he remembered it and overall he wasn’t a fan. I on the other hand, loved it. That was strike two.

Also this week, B had selected a recipe for Balsamic Vinegar Chicken. Once again I had it almost ready when he came home from school yesterday. Unlike the Coq au vin, it didn’t make it to his plate although he did taste it before opting for some leftovers instead. It was tangy and delicious, if a bit dry. That was strike three.

So now, B is not allowed to select new recipes for the next week or so. It’s bad enough when I select and cook a recipe that he doesn’t care for. It’s quite another for him to dislike a recipe that he selects and I cook three times in two weeks. Speaking of food, I’m trying out a new 10-bean stew recipe for lunch today (it’s on the stove as I type). I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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