Twas said of yeast: it’s (mostly) dead, Jim.

Earlier today I was adventurous and tried to make some homemade cinnamon rolls. I’ve decided quite conclusively that the yeast I used is past its expiration date (the “best by August 2009” on top might have been an indicator). Lets go so far as to call it dead — and it’s not rising again in 3 days.

Despite the lack of decent rising, either in the general fermenting or the proofing stage, my ornery self stuck them in the oven to bake anyway. After cooling them off I threw on some frosting and served them up to my poor husband and our out-of-town guest. They both said they were good although I’m a harsher critic. The flavor was ok but they were most certainly rather dense and chewier than they should have been.

Regardless I’m calling the endeavor a success as not only was it my first time to make cinnamon rolls but I did it at a high altitude to boot. Just call me Benny Crocker.

Oh, did I mention that in addition to cinnamon rolls I was also making Latin Gumbo for dinner tonight and my own chicken bullion for some other meals this week? Maybe you should call me Julian Child instead!

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

4 thoughts on “Twas said of yeast: it’s (mostly) dead, Jim.”

  1. Hope you ate the beef sausage before reading the NYtimes article link I posted on Facebook :)

    You were mighty ambitious in the kitchen, especially with company. It drives me nuts when I mess things up (like dead yeast). In the last ten days, I started a fire, burned the bottom of a pan, sprinkled moldy parmesan all over a meal, and broken a blender. Overall, I’d say it hasn’t been my finest days of cooking. -Renee


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