My British TV twin

About a year ago Megan said she found my twin while watching the BBC TV series Hotel Babylon. While out visiting her earlier this year she showed me the first episode and pointed out Ben, played by Michael Obiora. He’s one of the two receptionists and the guy who reminded her of me, except he’s British (being on a British TV series that should come as no surprise) and black.

I’m not sure how much I look like him personally, but seeing as that he’s a rather dapper fellow, if a bit on the flaming queen side in the show, I’ll take that as a compliment.

We just started Series 3 (translated in American English as Season 3) via Netflix. The show is all about a hotel and it’s interesting to see the fictionalized ongoings of a fancy hotel. I keep picturing Benjamin in a similar context, off planning big events for big wigs in a fancy hotel and can’t help but smile: he’ll be great at it.

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