Open thread: Casey’s Hair

Anyone who has known me for any length of time has known that my hair is a distinctive feature about me. Not because it’s always the same, but because it is always changing! It’s been medium and spiky, long and spiky, long, way long, and even helmet-y (Renee, if you so much as think about uploading that picture of my helmet hair from A&M I’ll disown you!!). Recently it’s been in the form of a faux-hawk but I can’t seem to find any pictures of that style. Sadly, that only covers the hair on the top of my head, not on my face which has at times been a goatee, a chin strap, and an almost-beard.

Some people liked the long hair, some hated it. Some like the facial hair, and some hate it. But in all things it’s a topic of discussion, so discuss: what do you think of my hair, past or present? Bonus points if you can link to a picture to share with your approval or displeasure :)

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4 thoughts on “Open thread: Casey’s Hair”

  1. I remember going from store to store in Denton looking for that one particular brand of hairspray with enough oomph for your purposes. :)

    Just be thankful *your* hair hasn’t migrated to your back and shoulders. Mine went south for the winter a few years back and doesn’t seem to be returning…I think it settled into its new location and has started breeding. :/


  2. I can’t tell you how upset I am that my scanner doesn’t work with my Mac! Wow – I sooooooo badly want to share the helmet hair!!!! You would have disowned me years ago for many other reasons so you don’t scare me with that threat!

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget Benjamin’s screech and hand-covering-mouth reaction when he saw that freshman college picture! I’m sure I can find a few other ever better pictures in my mom’s albums from childhood. Oh. That helmet head. Brings me smiles in my long day!

    Personally, I like the overall look (head and chin) of the medium and spiky. HATE the long (I think you got an immediate e-mail from me when I saw that picture when you were sporting that look). Hate the butt crack part.

    You made my night with this post. I actually have a solid opinion about this topic as opposed to all the schooling questions I’ve been dealing with for RG.


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