Evidence Christians used lies during Prop 8

Today finished out the testimony phase of “Perry v. Schwarzenegger”, also known as the Prop 8 Trial. I’ve been following the trial via live-blogging site prop8trialtracker.com courtesy of the Courage Campaign Institute. The testimony has been very revealing — particularly the part where the Proposition 8 proponents blatently lied to the public during the campaign about what gay marriage would mean (see Liveblogging Day 10 Daily Summary near 9:42):

“Polygamists are waiting in the wings! If we have same sex marriage, we’ll have polygamy next.”

Despite no one anywhere advocating anything about polygamy. And:

“Let’s just say that sexual attraction is definition. Pedophiles would have to be allowed to marry. Mothers and sons. Man who wanted to marry horse. Any combination would have to be allowed.”

Aside: I certainly don’t condone pedophilia but it’s pretty obvious that pedophiles are already allowed to marry another adult of the opposite sex.

Those are just two small examples – there are many more in other parts of the testimony. It was obvious at the time, and even moreso now, that the entire campaign was run on lies and fear. It’s clear throughout the testimony presented by expert witness on both sides that there is no “better for society” reason, no “children will be better off” reason, no “it’ll destroy traditional marriage” reason to prevent gays and lesbians from getting married. What’s the real reason our right to marry was taken away in CA? Because it goes against some people’s religious views. Last time I checked it was the power of the state government, not any church, that allowed couples to marry.

And just who were these “Prop 8 proponents” casting out these lies? The quotes above were from a video that ProtectMarriage.com, the defendants, financed during the campaign. And who financed ProtectMarriage.com? Also from a video that ProtectMarriage.com created (see Liveblogging Day 10 Daily Summary near 10:06):

“We know that today we must win. That’s why we are so grateful that 2,500 pastors have come out on consistent basis every month. If someone is going to vote no, we flip them to show that kids will be taught this in schools. We have spent thousands of dollars on polling. Continue to do so. In 1999, LDS got involved in Hawaii. With capital S, they were significantly involved. No different this time. Campaign will cost minimum of $25 million and LDS across this state deeply involved. Catholic Bishop in SD, three evangelical ministers from SD all got involved. Asked Focus on the Family for money. They sent us $50,000 that allowed us to get petitions printed. Thanks to you, we are here, we will win.” (emphasis mine).

And just in case you thought “three evangelical ministers isn’t so bad – must be a Mormon and Catholic thing”, here’s an email admitted into evidence that was sent to ProtectMarriage.com listing who was involved (see Liveblogging Day 10 Daily Summary near 10:23):

Evangelicals—400,000 signatures; 3,00 pastors
Orthodox Jews
(emphasis mine)

Maybe God and I will work out our conflicts, but Christianity can go screw itself. Take your “hate the sin love the sinner” and “think of the children” mantras and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Using John’s logical conclusion to a metaphor in a related blog entry: forget the bathwater, the baby’s dead – throw it out.

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4 thoughts on “Evidence Christians used lies during Prop 8”

  1. I think this is why some people don’t like the label Christian — you get lumped in with millions of people who may not believe the same things as you.

    I’m Christian. I think gay people should have the same rights to legal default as straight. I don’t think having gay sex is a sin if you’re gay. And if it is, well, I sin every day and there’s forgiveness for me, so I think you’re covered.

    The hypocrisy in trying to legislate away one “sin” but ignoring the plank in their own eye makes baby Jesus cry.

    Focus on the Family is an evangelical organization. The evangelical branch of the church, like the Baptists, are generally Bible literalists (for the parts they like; I don’t see them hanging phylacteries on themselves or shunning women who are menstruating). Anyone who thinks the Bible is literally true hasn’t read Genesis carefully, since the creation story in chapter 1 starts with water, and the creation story in chapter 2 starts with dust.


  2. I get that you’re mad. I get that you’re incredibly passionate about your rights being equal to mine. I believe that your rights should be equal to mine.

    What I don’t get is why on earth you would include that closing paragraph in your post.

    That was uncalled for and closed minded which is exactly what you’re fuming about. How on earth can it be accurate for you to take an entire group and tell them to go screw themselves? That’s ridiculous! Even if your argument is that you’re telling the organization and not the people involved with the organization to go screw itself, you’re still sending a message about all the people involved. Regardless of my religious affiliation (or lack of one), I’m offended by that message. All Muslims are not bad simply because they consider themselves Muslims. I have similar examples to that, but RG has lost patience with my typing which must cut my irritated rant short.

    I can only hope that you can take a breath in your anger & assess the magnitude of your statement. R


  3. Oh, Casey… :(

    I’ve been there with the anger towards religion–as you no doubt remember–and I never had nearly the personal justification that you do. For what little it’s worth, it’s faded somewhat over time, and I’ve gradually gone from militant atheist to resigned one.

    Still, I know it sucks to be lied to, and I can only imagine persecution sucks far worse. I hope that, whatever path you take, you can work through your (eminently reasonable) anger.

    I too have been watching that Olson-Boies trial with great interest. The haters seem to be on the retreat and the defense they put forward was particularly pathetic. The world is inevitably seeing them for the bigots and cowards they are. And though he could and should have gone much further much sooner, I’m cautiously optimistic about Obama’s SOTU DADT mention.

    And now, since I can’t get through a serious post without some inappropriate levity:


    We love you, man. Take care.


  4. I’m saddened to hear such harshness and anger(or is it more dismay, disappointment, disillusionment, etc that you’re feeling) in your writings.
    I think that the most important relationship isn’t with Christianity per se but rather with God. Please keep your relationship with God and find joy in that relationship.


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